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Our Goal

Congratulations you’re engaged! As you find yourself immersed in the whirlwind of love, happiness, and excitement, the last thing you need is the stress of wedding planning to dampen the fluttering butterflies in your stomach.

That’s where we come in.

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Locations & Unique Spaces

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of North Carolina, our enchanting island provides an idyllic backdrop to bring your Outer Banks wedding dreams to life. Embrace the symphony of nature as the woodlands whisper in the gentle sea breeze, creating a harmonious melody that accompanies your special day.

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Packages & Pricing

Navigating the choices for your wedding, micro wedding, or elopement can be overwhelming and stressful. The process is often shrouded in confusion—uncertain where to begin, estimating costs, or defining your references. That’s where our distinctive offerings step in to simplify the journey.

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with countless wonderful couples over the years. See what some of them had to say.

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Our unique designs incorporate a variety of color combinations, textures and flowers freshly harvested from our fields, locally and American grown and outsourced when needed.

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    Our Goal

    Congratulations you’re engaged! As you find yourself immersed in the whirlwind of love, happiness, and excitement, the last thing you need is the stress of wedding planning to dampen the fluttering butterflies in your stomach. That’s where we come in.

    A wise bride once shared with us, “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want nothing more than for the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” This insight resonated with me, providing a glimpse into the sentiments of every bride we’ve had the privilege to serve. With nearly two decades of experience in designing and bringing dream weddings to life, we are dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Our passion is fueled by the desire to craft enchanting and unforgettable moments for our clients.

    Leave behind the stress and worries; we’ve got you covered. Planning your wedding should be simple, and we’ll handle all the details. From answering your questions to anticipating and communicating every detail in advance of your event, we’ve got it all covered. Our venues are not only flexible but also beautifully appointed, featuring rustic touches and country charm set amidst the natural beauty of the Outer Banks Coastline.

    Discover beautiful outdoor spaces for your celebrations, complemented by tents to ensure a seamless experience, even in inclement weather. Let us guide you through this journey, turning your wedding day into a seamless and magical experience that you and your guests will cherish forever.

    We want you to experience the Real Outer Banks. Tried and true local and native land. We are more than just a beach….

    Outer Banks Farm Weddings

    We are 8 acres of lovely natural land tucked in the woods surrounded by flower fields and gardens. Less than a quarter of a mile from the ocean and the sound. Truly Paradise. One would never know while standing in the pasture our treasurable waters were just a moment away east, west or south. Unless of course the roar of the ocean was wavering this way or the smell of the salty air was blown this direction. Over 10 years ago we bought an amazing slice of heaven. Tucked away in the heart of the old Kitty Hawk Village. We came here to raise our family and flower crops. We have loved every minute of it and fallen more and more in love with where we live every day.

    Having run a successful Wedding and Event Design business for close to 20 years now if not more (who is counting), expanding my knowledge and talent with travel and freelancing for amazing designers all across the USA, we have cultivated a deep passion and love for creating meaningful moments. Truly capturing our clients essence and desires. You are our muse… and it all comes from the heart.

    Dorothy, proprietor and lead desgigner first began designing flowers when she was little with her grandmothers. They were Entertainers! Parties and gatherings of all sorts. She was their little helper. Her father is a third generation flower farmer. He and her stepmother have bred and hybridized daffodils as her grandfather and grandmother and great grandparents. She swore she would never work on a farm. When she had her first child her dad suggested she start a fresh cut flower business. It was a great idea, especially being a new mother and wanting nothing more than to be just that. He helped her plant a field she leased land for and we began. It dawned on her, she I could use her art degree in designing florals and spaces and the rest is history.

    Dorothy fell in love with making pretties. Pulling serendipitous combinations from what was graciously blooming in the garden made her heart swoon. Nature is divine. And it drives her passion for designing flowers and weddings. Keeping it natural. Keeping it true to the outer banks. Limiting all pretense. Designing for her clients. Her hearts delight. We are here to offer one of a kind Outer Banks Wedding and Elopement experiences. Not just limited to events either… we would like to nurture rewilding. Come and stay with us on our farm you will see the outerbanks in ways you have never experienced.

    When covid paralyzed our world it was a blessing in disguise for us. It was the first time I actually was able to be fully present from sun up to sun down. It was heaven sent. Being alive in this space, being witness to the miracles around us in nature made every day a new adventure. From walking the pasture discovering new wildflowers, trees, enjoying the sky, the clouds the sunset, birds and bees, butterflies…. I had an entire national geographic in my back yard! All I could think was, everyone needs this. And so the concept began.
    We are here to offer one of a kind Outer Banks Wedding and Elopement experiences. Not just limited to events either… we would like to nurture rewilding. Come and stay with us on our farm you will see the outer banks in ways you have never experienced.


    We've had the pleasure of working with some wonderful couples over the years!

    "Dorothy and her team at Bells & Whistles made our wedding PERFECT!!! They provided the most creative and gorgeous decorations and flowers. We got married on the beach and their mix of bright pops of color, lights, and natural elements truly set the stage for our amazing day. Dorothy was very responsive to emails and phone calls and she shared ideas with me openly. When I needed to modify our budget, she worked with me until we found something that worked for us-which really meant a lot to me! I can't say enough about how beautiful and fun everything looked. I HIGHLY recommend their services!!!"

    "Dorothy and her team blew us away on wedding day!!! We trusted Dorothy to work with my favorite colors but free to create her completely own ceremony and reception decor, floral arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, and everything else you can think of. I wanted our venue to be totally transformed into someone we've never seen before. I couldn't dream up a better wedding if I tried. Every little detail was absolutely breathtaking! Our families and guests are STILL talking about the decorations and florals! It was a complete dream and we are so thankful for Dorothy's talent and creativity to make such a memorable and beautiful masterpiece of a wedding. DIY is not something you want to get into- hire someone who knows what they're doing and can give you the stress-free dream wedding you really want!"

    I am sitting here trying to come up with the words to describe Dorothy and the flowers she created for my wedding but I am at a loss for words. She took my ideas, inspiration, and vision, and turned it into something that was so beautiful that I couldn't have come up with it in my wildest dreams. My bouquet was the most beautiful bouquet I have ever laid eyes on. Every single detail was thought of and they all arrived on time and couldn't have been more perfect. If ANYONE is looking for a florist and event designer, you have to go to Dorothy. Easily one of the best investments we made for our wedding...

    "Dorothy and her team are the absolute best! My husband and I were married at the Sanderling Resort in Duck, N.C.; the ceremony was on the event lawn and the reception in the pavilion. Choosing Dorothy and her team to create our dream wedding was a no-brainer - Dorothy is so talented and makes your wedding her priority. This may sound a bit hokey, but Bells and Whistles did not just decorate our space, they created an experience for our guests that matched exactly with our vision for the wedding - only better! The flowers for my bouquet were so fresh - because Dorothy picked them from her own garden! We had so many compliments on how beautiful, classic, and romantic the design was - I highly recommend Dorothy and her team to any bride getting married in the Outer Banks!"

    Katie & Nick
    "Dorothy, Ryan sent our photos the other day, and it was such a joy to relive all of the special memories of our wedding day 09/23/17. Thank you for being such a big part of it. Your work was truly amazing and your immense talent lent such beauty to the details of our day. I absolutely loved the direction you took with our centerpieces, altar piece, and my own bouquet. It was all truly gorgeous. The true star, however, may have been the truly stunning necklace you made for our Friday welcome party. Looking through photos was a reminder of how stunning all of your work was, and I'm so happy the photos will last longer than the flowers themselves. It was such a pleasure to work with you, and I feel blessed to have had your talent front and center on our wedding day. Thank you so much!"

    Jennifer & Mike

    Outer Banks Elopement Locations

    The Outer Banks, with its diverse offerings, invites you to choose from a myriad of stunning locations—from the serene woodlands to the sun-kissed beaches, sand islands, charming farms and historical venues. Each season paints a unique canvas, allowing you to tailor your wedding to the perfect blend of weather and beauty.

    Imagine exchanging vows on the golden shores, surrounded by the soothing sounds of waves caressing the beach. Picture your celebration on sand islands, where the natural beauty effortlessly merges with the joyous atmosphere of your union. Explore the rustic charm of farms, adding a touch of countryside elegance to your fairytale affair.

    This special place, brimming with magic and love, ensures that your wedding day transcends the ordinary, becoming a true piece of heaven. The Outer Banks beckons you to create timeless memories amidst its diverse landscapes, promising an unforgettable experience that reflects the romance and wonder of your unique love story.

    The Best places to elope in the outer banks…

    Many couples who choose to have an Outer Banks wedding choose an outdoor location and or venue. Throughout the barrier islands, there are a ton of beach locations to choose from depending on where you are staying, as well as more inland venues. We’ve found that most of the best elopement locations aren’t actually official venue spaces. Most event venues are geared toward upwards of 100+ people and are just too big for microweddings and elopements.

    Here’s a list of some ideas of the best places to elope from our perspective as an Outer Banks Wedding Designer/Planner:

    The Farm

    Location: Kitty Hawk

    the-obx-farm-wedding-elope– Envisioning a rustic, boho-chic vibe for your wedding day? Look no further, nestled within the heart of the captivating town of Kitty Hawk – is the exclusive haven of our family farm and flower field. Situated within a mere whisper of the ocean’s rhythmic waves and the harmonious sounds of nature, this destination  transcends mere venue status, standing as an embodiment of our fondest memories and the epitome of flexibility.
    – Within the embrace of our cherished haven, possibilities unfold, offering an unparalleled canvas for your dreams to flourish. Beyond the confines of a sandy island, our family farm becomes a portal to a realm where imagination takes flight, weaving an enchanting tapestry for your celebration. Every nook and cranny exudes an atmosphere of boundless creativity, transforming your special day into a bespoke masterpiece.
    – As you step into our little oasis, the sensation of being transported transcends mere physical location. You’re no longer on a small sand island but enveloped in a cocoon of warmth, where each detail harmonizes to create an unforgettable experience. It is not just a venue; it’s a cherished gem, akin to a clandestine hideaway, whispering secrets of romance and celebration. Immerse yourself in the magic of our unique haven, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and your wedding day becomes an indelible chapter in the
    story of a lifetime.

    The Beaches

    Location: Stretching from the North Beaches of Corolla to the South Beaches of Ocracoke

    obx-beach-elopement-ceremony– Have you ever dreamt of exchanging vows on the shores of a pristine beach, enveloped in the enchanting  ambiance reminiscent of a scene from a fairytale movie? Well, your dream can become a reality with us. Picture this: a breathtaking canvas of nature’s beauty, from the
    sun-kissed beaches of Hatteras Island to the tranquil and secluded shores of Corolla. Our not-so-little barrier island unveils a tapestry of beaches, each offering a unique and idyllic setting for your perfect day.
    – Imagine walking down the aisle with the gentle whisper of ocean waves as your soundtrack, golden sands beneath your feet, and a panoramic view of the azure expanse stretching as far as the eye can see. Whether you envision an intimate ceremony with the sun setting over the horizon, casting a warm glow on your celebration, or a daytime affair with the ocean breeze gently tousling your hair, our diverse array of beachfront locales provides the ideal backdrop for your love story.
    – From the tranquil seclusion of Corolla’s beaches, where the only footprints are your own, to the lively energy of Hatteras Island, where the sea and sky blend seamlessly, every beach on our barrier island offers a unique charm. We are dedicated to curating an experience that transcends the ordinary, ensuring that your wedding day is nothing short of magical.
    – Let the rhythmic tide symbolize the eternal ebb and flow of your love, and the expansive horizon represent the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in your journey together. Our team is committed to transforming your beach wedding into a seamless blend of natural beauty,
    romance, and unforgettable moments, creating memories that will linger like the salt-scented breeze. So, say “I do” against the backdrop of a beachside paradise, and let the magic of your love story unfold in the most enchanting setting nature has to offer.
    – The allure of exchanging vows amid the picturesque landscapes of the Outer Banks is a compelling reason for couples to opt for an intimate beach wedding. While certain locales may witness heightened summer foot traffic, every corner of this coastal haven exudes undeniable beauty. Whether you choose the charming environs of Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, or Nags Head for your elopement or micro-wedding, the expansive beaches offer a canvas for your nuptials, often without the need for permits. The beachgoers themselves prove to be amiable witnesses, embracing the joy of your union.

    The Sand Islands

    Location: South Nags Head/ Wanchese

    – Nestled within the enchanting coastal ways of the Outer Banks, a hidden gem awaits those seeking a truly intimate and unforgettable wedding experience. Picture exchanging vows on a small, private sand island, where the soft whispers of the ocean breeze and the rhythmic lull of the waves create a natural symphony of romance. This secluded paradise, surrounded by the vast expanse of the sound, offers a pristine backdrop for couples who dream of an idyllic and private celebration.
    – As the sun dips below the horizon, casting hues of orange and pink across the sky, the intimate gathering takes place on the sandy shores. The intimate size of the island ensures that every moment is shared only with those closest to the heart, fostering an atmosphere of
    closeness and connection.
    – Against the backdrop of our special waters, the vows exchanged on this small, private sand island become more than a commitment—they transform into a promise intertwined with the natural beauty that envelops the couple-synonymous bonds of nature. The simplicity of the setting allows the love between two individuals to take center stage,  unencumbered by the distractions of the outside world.
    – This coastal spot is not just a location; it’s a canvas for crafting memories that will last a lifetime. From the first steps down the sandy aisle to the shared laughter under the twinkling stars, a wedding on this small, private sand island within the Outer Banks becomes a story etched in the sands of time, a tale of love and unity set against the timeless beauty of the coastal landscape.

    The Sound

    Location: Stretching from Corolla to Ocracoke

    obx-rental-homes-cottages-elopement-packages– Imagine saying “I do” on the pristine sand beaches of the Albemarle Sound, where the water’s edge gently kisses the shore and the horizon stretches into an endless symphony of tranquility. The sound setting behind you, a natural amphitheater of serenity, amplifies the
    significance of your vows as they intertwine with the rhythmic melody of lapping waves and spectral sunsets.
    – As you stand hand in hand, the Albemarle Sound becomes a silent witness to the beginning of your journey together.
    – Overhead, a myriad of birds takes flight, their wings creating graceful strokes against the canvas of the open sky. Ospreys, ducks, and Geese become part of the ceremony, their presence symbolizing the divinity and boundless possibilities that marriage brings. As you
    exchange rings and promises, the birds bear witness, their elegant dance in the air a testament to the joyous celebration taking place on the sandy shores.
    – The Albemarle Sound, with its tranquil waters and gentle breezes, becomes not just a venue but an integral part of the ceremony, a living, breathing entity that surrounds you with its natural beauty. The union of two souls against this backdrop is not just a marriage; it’s a
    poetic dance between love and nature, a celebration of commitment with the sound of the water as your soundtrack and the birds as your winged companions in this extraordinary moment in time.

    Rental Homes/Cottages

    Location(s): Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Rodanthe, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras, and Ocracoke

    rental-homes-cottages-obx-elopement– Nestled along the coastline, a charming beach cottage stands as a symbol of love and celebration, withstanding the test of time and every storm, hosting the union of two souls in equal measure.  Surrounded by the warmth of family and a select group of cherished friends, this intimate gathering at the beach cottage becomes a canvas for shared joy and profound connections.
    – As the sun dips towards the horizon, casting a golden glow upon the sandy shores, the beach cottage becomes a sanctuary of love in its opalescence atmosphere. Its weathered exterior and rustic charm echo the resilience and timelessness of the commitment being made within its walls.
    – As For those considering Nags Head Beach Cottage Weddings, it is not uncommon for couples to opt for renting a charming cottage or beach house in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, or one of the neighboring towns. This allows you to extend an invitation to your
    loved ones, who can either stay with you in the same abode or in a nearby house, creating an idyllic beach vacation for everyone to enjoy in the week leading up to your elopement. The relaxed and joyful atmosphere provides ample opportunities for bonding and merriment.
    – When it comes to the ceremony itself, you have the option of exchanging your vows in the backyard of the rental property or on the pristine beach. Following the heartfelt ceremony, you can return to the cottage to celebrate by the poolside or venture out to one of the exceptional local eateries for a delightful celebratory meal. It is important to note that some property owners may require prior permission for hosting wedding-related activities at their rental houses. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss your plans with the host before finalizing your booking.
    – Real estate companies such as Twiddy & Company, Atlantic Realty, Beach Realty, Coastal Carolina, and Carolina Designs, each with dedicated event specialists, stand ready to assist in discovering the perfect locale tailored to your specific needs.

    The Marinas

    Location(s): Wanchese Marina, Safe Harbor Marina, Pirates Cove Marina, Oregon Inlet Marina, Odens Dock, and more

    the-marinas-obx-elopement-plan– Amidst the bustling energy of a vibrant marina, where the salty scent of the sea mingles with the invigorating aroma of freshly caught fish, love takes center stage. The rhythmic hum of boats returning from the open waters, laden with the day’s bounty, becomes the backdrop
    for a wedding filled with the thrill of anticipation and the promise of a life anchored in love.
    – As the sun bathes the marina in a warm golden glow, a couple stands ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime, surrounded by the nautical symphony of seagulls’ calls and the clinking of rigging against the masts. The air is charged with excitement, mirroring the fervor of the
    bustling fish market and the vibrant activity of the harbor.
    – Against this lively backdrop, vows are exchanged, and promises made, each word resonating with the spirit of the sea. The boats, their hulls adorned with the day’s catch, seem to join the celebration, their presence a testament to the ebb and flow of life and love. The feeling of the ocean breeze and the distant cries of seagulls become witnesses to the union, creating an atmosphere that mirrors the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the sea.
    – The marina transforms into a stage for celebration, where the boats become a part of the festive decor, their flags fluttering in sync with the beating hearts of the couple and their guests. The joyous clamor of a  successful day at sea intertwines with the laughter and
    cheers, creating a symphony of celebration that echoes through the docks.
    – The reception unfolds against the backdrop of boats gently rocking in their moorings, and the intoxicating scent of saltwater wafting through the air. Tables adorned with nautical accents and the day’s fresh catch set the scene for a feast that pays homage to the maritime surroundings. The feeling of excitement lingers, not just from the bustling marina but from the promise of a shared future as vast and boundless as the open sea.
    – In this unique setting, where the rhythm of the waves meets the heartbeat of celebration, a wedding at the marina becomes a nautical adventure—a love story anchored in the thrill of the ocean, the excitement of the catch, and the timeless promise of sailing through life

    Jockey’s Ridge

    Location: Nags Head

    elopement-wedding-obx-jockeys-ride– In the embrace of the Outer Banks, where the sea breeze whispers tales of romance, imagine exchanging vows amidst the towering sand dunes of Jockey’s Ridge in Nags Head, North Carolina. As the golden sun begins its descent, casting a warm palette across the Atlantic horizon, the stage is set for a wedding that transcends the ordinary.
    – Beneath he vast expanse of the cerulean sky, the sandy altar awaits, a natural canvas for the union of two souls. The grains beneath your feet, warmed by the day’s sun, bear witness to promises made, carrying the essence of love in every particle.

    – Dressed in attire that mirrors the coastal chic of the surroundings, the bride’s gown dances in harmony with the ocean breeze, while the groom, in casual elegance, epitomizes the laid-back charm of beachside matrimony. Seashells and native flora delicately adorn the ceremonial space, honoring the natural beauty that envelops this sacred spot.
    Jockey’s Ridge State Park, located in Nags Head, NC offers a truly unparalleled experience that sets it apart from other East Coast beaches. Ascend the towering sand dune, which stands as the tallest of its kind on the entire East Coast, and exchange your vows at the pinnacle of Jockey’s Ridge. Alternatively, venture to the secluded beach on the sound, accessible by sneaking around the back. Here, you will be transported to what feels like a
    desert oasis, while still being treated to breathtaking vistas of the ocean and the sound.

    Whalehead Club

    Location: Corolla

    whalehead-club-wedding-party– Along the pristine sound side of Corolla, North Carolina, the Whalehead Club stands as a testament to timeless elegance and coastal charm. Imagine  exchanging vows in a place where the historic meets the enchanting—a place where the whispers of a bygone era echo through the graceful architecture and expansive grounds.
    – As you step onto the manicured lawns of the  Whalehead Club. The club’s iconic yellow façade, adorned with intricate details and surrounded by lush greenery, sets the stage for a wedding that seamlessly blends sophistication with the natural beauty of the Outer Banks and vintage charm.
    – The Whalehead Club offers a picturesque outdoor setting. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, the Whalehead Club effortlessly accommodates your vision for the perfect wedding day.
    – As the sun sets over the sound, casting a warm glow on the landscape, the Whalehead Club transforms into a magical haven where memories are made and love takes center stage. The experience of getting married at this historic venue in Corolla, NC, becomes an unforgettable chapter in the love story of two souls embarking on a journey together, surrounded by the timeless allure of the Outer Banks.
    The Whalehead Club, situated in the heart of Historic Corolla Park, is a highly sought-after venue for weddings of all sizes. This splendid mansion, dating back to the 1920s, boasts breathtaking 360-degree water views, creating a truly mesmerizing backdrop for outdoor weddings and elopements. The park itself offers vast  acres of open space and a captivating vista of the sound, particularly enchanting during sunset.

    Hatteras Island

    Location(s): Pea Island, Rodanthe, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras

    hatteras-island-obx-photo-eloping– Crossing the bridge to these destinations evokes a distinct shift in atmosphere. More secluded and remote compared to the northern beaches, Hatteras Island places the natural environment of the beach and sound at center stage. With seven charming villages, including Waves, Rodanthe, Avon, and Frisco, visitors have the opportunity to rent remarkable beach houses and  cottages. The miles of pristine coastline, adorned with piers and the iconic Hatteras Lighthouse, present splendid photo opportunities.
    – Here, you will find fewer conventional entertainment options and chain establishments, allowing you to immerse yourself in activities like kite-boarding, surfing, fishing, and simply immersing yourself in the beauty of unspoiled beaches.
    – It is important to note that all beaches on Hatteras Island are Federal Beaches, requiring permits from the Park Service as well as your vendor team.


    Locations: Corolla, Kill Devil Hills, Manteo, South Nags Head, Hatteras Island, Ocracoke

    Lighthouses, with their captivating allure and rich history, are emblematic of the Outer Banks.
    Conveniently accessible between Corolla and Ocracoke, there are six lighthouses that offer a glimpse into the region’s mystique. In fact, some of these lighthouses even permit elopements on their grounds, provided you obtain the necessary permit.

    – Currituck Beach Lighthouse

    currituck-lighthouse-wedding-elopementSituated proudly within the historic landscape of Corolla, the Currituck Beach Lighthouse emerges as a steadfast guardian overlooking the coastline. Uniquely constructed out of brick, a style of building only employed between 1820-1849. This lighthouse is distinguished by its striking, unpainted salt-weathered red brick. It stands as a unique and timeless monument amidst the coastal lighthouses of the Outer Banks. A beacon of both beauty and history, this lighthouse becomes an unparalleled setting for couples to declare their eternal love, where the echoes of “I Do” resonate through the rich tapestry of its storied surroundings.

    – Wright Brothers Monument

    Nestled in the heart of Kill Devil Hills, the Wright Brothers Monument marks the testament to the remarkable technological strides achieved on our island. Not only have we a penchant for the sea but we also mastered flight in the air here. Perched atop one of the highest hills in the Outer Banks, it offers an unparalleled 360-degree view of the surrounding islands. Uttering “I DO” at this iconic monument, a symbol of aviation’s birthplace, becomes an exquisite choice for  history and aviation enthusiasts alike.

    – Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse

    roanoke-marsh-eloping-to-manteo-obx– For those considering an elopement or micro wedding in Manteo, Roanoake Island, there are two waterfront locations at George Washington Creek Memorial Park that can be reserved for such occasions. The charming Roanoake Marshes Lighthouse, a replica of the 1877 lighthouse, serves as a picturesque backdrop for photographs. For further information, you can reach out to Michele Bunce at the town of Manteo, or alternatively,
    entrust these details to your wedding planner.

    – Bodie Island Lighthouse

    bodie island lighthouse wedding elopement photoLocated 8 miles south of Nags Head, offers a picturesque setting for weddings on its grounds. While ceremonies cannot take place inside the lighthouse itself, visitors have the opportunity to climb the stairs to the top during the seasonal opening, enjoying a breathtaking view of the island. A delightful boardwalk trail spanning approximately 0.25 miles leads visitors over marshy areas to a viewing deck. The lush green lawns and serene
    ambiance make this location an ideal choice, with a charming nature path providing a unique backdrop for memorable photos.

    -Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

    cape-hatteras-elopement-wedding-obxRenowned as the tallest lighthouse on the East Coast and a national icon, presents another captivating option for weddings. Although ceremonies cannot be held inside the lighthouse, couples can exchange vows on the lighthouse grounds, away from the steps and path. It is worth noting that due to its popularity among tourists, it is common to encounter additional visitors during your special day. Currently undergoing restoration and
    closed for 2023, the lighthouse may have scaffolding in place. To ensure a smooth experience, it is advisable to contact the National Park Service beforehand to inquire about the lighthouse’s availability and consider having an alternate location in mind.

    – Ocracoke Lighthouse

    Accessible accessible via ferry from Hatteras, offers a charming getaway for couples seeking a unique wedding experience. While the lighthouse itself is closed to the public, weddings can be held on its grounds. However, it is important to note that parking and space are extremely limited, making it best suited for elopements or intimate ceremonies with a small guest count ranging from 2 to 10 people. Ocracoke Island, with its quaint accommodations and captivating charm, serves as a true treasure and a favorite among many.

    Please refer to the provided links for more detailed information about each lighthouse and their respective guidelines for weddings.
    If you are seeking a contingency plan for unpredictable weather or simply prefer the comfort of an indoor setting, opting for an indoor wedding venue can be a wise decision. Even for a small wedding with approximately 30 attendees, there are numerous unique indoor
    wedding venues available on the Outer Banks. These venues often offer elopement or micro-wedding packages, allowing for an intimate celebration alongside your beach elopement. By choosing a venue, you can alleviate concerns about rain or other adverse weather
    conditions, providing peace of mind for your special day.

    Additional OBX Wedding Venues

    In addition addition to dedicated event venues, the Outer Banks boasts a plethora of restaurants catering to various preferences. From casual takeout options for waterfront picnics to upscale establishments offering
    multi-course meals, there is something to suit every taste. Allow me to highlight a few notable venues for your consideration:

    1. Kitty Hawk Pier House, Kitty Hawk

    kitty-hawk-pier-eloping-to-the-outer-banksExchange your vows on the pier, with the crashing waves below, and then transition indoors for a delightful reception.

    2. Sanderling Resort, Duck

    wedding-elopement-obx-sanderlingIf you desire an all-inclusive beach elopement package accommodating up to 20 guests, the Sanderling Resort could be an ideal romantic wedding venue. They offer a range of spaces for both beach and indoor ceremonies, as well as reception-style celebrations.

    3. Westside Inn Micro-Wedding Venue, Manteo

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of this waterfront inn, where you can stay leading up to your wedding and also host your ceremony and celebration. This event venue encompasses both indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a charming setting for your intimate wedding. For further details, please visit their website: https://www.westsideinnobx.com/

    4. Inn On Pamlico Sound, Buxton

    Experience the casual elegance of this inn, which caters to everything from intimate, relaxed dinners for couples
    to full-service wedding experiences. They prioritize guest satisfaction, offering amenities such as stand-up paddle boards, bicycles, and beach chairs. During winter, they even provide an enclosed transparent pavilion for micro-wedding celebrations.

    These venues exemplify the diverse options available for indoor weddings on the Outer Banks. Whether you prefer a pier-side celebration, a resort experience, a waterfront inn, or a casually elegant setting, there is a venue to suit your preferences and create lasting memories.

    5. First Colony Inn

    wedding-obx-first-colony-inn-locationNags Head: Amidst the coastal charm of south nags head sits the First Colony Inn. A staple within our small town, it embodies the vintage architecture that once sat along our coastline. From quaint salt worn interiors to a charming green yard, this timeless coastal haven is the perfect place to say “I Do.”

    6. Elizabethan Gardens

    elopement-locations-elizabethan-gardensManteo: Travel back in time, and exchange your vows beneath an ancient oaks and blooming flowers, where the echoes of the Lost Colony still lingers. In this historical haven you are taken back to another time and beauty as you and your guests are surrounded by whispers of history, and celebrate amidst the forgotten chapter. Intertwine your love with the enduring magic of a place where time once stood still.

    OuterBanks Wedding Seasons

    When it comes to choosing the best season for an Outer Banks elopement, it ultimately depends on your preferences and desired activities for celebration. While the Outer Banks boasts beauty throughout the year, it’s important to consider weather conditions, especially for outdoor ceremonies. Having a backup plan in case of inclement weather is advisable, and local planners can assist in alleviating this concern.

    Weather to consider….

    Spring and Fall tend to offer delightful weather, with average high temperatures ranging from 60 to mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit in April, October, and November. These shoulder seasons also provide the advantage of fewer crowds, allowing for a more intimate experience.
    However, it’s worth noting that the ocean can be chilly in the spring, necessitating the use of wetsuits if you plan to venture into the water.

    In contrast, the ocean remains warm until September in the fall. If you prefer a vibrant atmosphere and a plethora of water-related activities, summer (from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends) is the peak beach season and the most popular time to visit the Outer Banks. However, it’s important to consider that accommodations tend to book up quickly during this period, and the area can be quite crowded. To avoid the heat and crowds, consider scheduling your beach ceremony early or late in the day, when it is cooler and less congested. The stunning sunrise and sunset views can add an extra touch of beauty to your special day.

    Winter (December through March) offers a tranquil and serene ambiance in the Outer Banks. Despite the colder temperatures, which typically range from 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, you can still enjoy a private beach wedding and a relaxed stay due to the absence of tourists. While some local businesses may have shortened hours or closures during this season, there are still establishments that remain open

    Ultimately, the choice of season for your Outer Banks elopement depends on your preferences for weather, crowd levels, and available activities. Considering these factors will help you create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your special day.

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